Burton And Stipanovic Rivalry

Tom Burton was in the news with his competitive sailing in the Laser category in Rio Olympics this year. There were certain differences that he had with Tonci Stipanovic in the Laser sailing category. Though he did secure the Olympic gold, he states that his rivalry with Tonci will continue next month in the Sailing World Cup finals that would be held in Melbourne.

There had been a heated match that had taken place between the two sailors in the world cup event that had occurred in France in 2015. Stipanovic was disqualified from the event for which the victory went to Burton, with Stipanovic losing a bet that saw him paying for a chartering in Greece. Continue reading “Burton And Stipanovic Rivalry”

What Japan Has For Sailing?

The final and the ninth round of world series Louis Vuitton America’s Cup is going to take place in Fukuoka city of Japan.

All media, players and spectators have come to the place to watch this wonderful match. But, it is not like Japan is just holding this match. Instead, it has so much to give to sailing this year.

Firstly, Japan will hand over World Series Louis Vuitton America’s Cup to the overall winner of the game. The country has awarded this trophy two times before as well and this is the third time it is doing so.

Two points will be earned by a team who win this tournament. This point will be useful in a Qualifier round of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup. It is the opening round of America’s Cup that will help in Bermuda in 2017. In addition to the points, winning team will get attractive incentive too Continue reading “What Japan Has For Sailing?”

California Boat Show Gets New Name

The Strictly Sail Pacific will no more be the name of the California Boat Show. It will be called as the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show from 2017. The event is planned to be held from the 6th to the 9th April in 2017 and will be held in California’s Craneway Pavilion and Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond.

This racing event is looked forward to by many of the sailors and has been attracting many sailors and sailboats for the past 20 years. There have been many new and experienced sailor and maritime enthusiasts hitting the San Francisco Bay to take a look at some of the latest sailing boats and their equipments. They also love to take part in the water activities and seminars organized as part of the event.

With the introduction of the new name, the 2017 event will also see many powerboats, canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boats to make its presence. These new items will be showcased through seminars and hands-on live demonstrations.

The organizers of the event are looking to offer more for their consumers and are given a chance for many of the exhibitors to showcase their product. This event will now turn out to be a larger market for the exhibitors to promote their new products and services. The President of Sail America, Scot West, wants this event to be the most sought after destination for anyone who loves water sports and to be in the waters.

The 45,000 square foot facility at the Craneway Pavilion is newly renovated and has 40,000 square feet of conference center to conduct the seminar series of the event. There is no doubt that the exhibitors as well as the visitors to its grand show will enjoy the event and will be happy to have attended the event in the San Francisco Bay Area.