Sail America Appoints New Board of Directors

Sail America is the trade association of the sailing industry in the US. They have now added three new members to their board of directors for 2020. Adam Cove from Edson, Margaret Mitchell from Prestige Yachts or the Beneteau America, and Tim Finkle from RCR Yachts have been selected as the new members for the board of directors. The selection for the new members was done through the standard election process of the association. A committee for getting the nominations was made to submit the names of the candidate to the existing members of the association. They voted unanimously for the candidates. All the members of the board are given three years to serve the board.

Mark Pillsbury from the Cruising World Magazine was elected again as the Sail America’s President during the first meeting for the directors of the board. The same thing happened for Peter Trongdon as well for the executive committee. He was from Annapolis Boat Shows. Along with him, Josie Tucci representing The Moorings, Ted Winston from Spinlock, and Kevin Carlan from the Centre of Mastry Engine were also re-elected. Jim Abel was also elected again as the President earlier. He was from West Marine.
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WMRT Management Change Hands

The program World Match Racing Tour that was an initiative started by Aston Harald AB, a Swedish company, was sold to C Shine Financial Corporation, specifically to a group of investors who are behind this company. New owners have taken over managing the tour as well as the registered offices of this tour which are located in Bermuda and London.

WMRT is one of the many sport event purchases that this company has made which include Match Racing World Championship and Shenzhen Match Cup. Aston Harald AB talked about selling the tour by the time 2017 season ended and that is when negotiations started between the companies.
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Water Races At Copa Del Rey To Finish

Three teams are close to gaining the titles at Copa Del Rey as the final races come to a close on Saturday, 4th August 2018. Many premier classes have become close in this regatta. The highlights of this tour include the eleventh win that the Campos team has this time.

The skipper Pedro Campos, also known as Mr. Copa, is on the threshold of extending the record of gaining the 11th title of the Copa del Rey; he is set to win the division race of the 6 meter classic in Bribon; he has had a score line that is unblemished with seven firsts and seven starts. He commented that the team was pleased with the latest victory they had; they had won all the races which were something unique. This was for him a personal win for the eleventh time and six in a row was a record for this regatta event.
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Blair Tuke In Volvo Ocean Race

Blair Tuke has signed on to be part of the team that would be participating from New Zealand in the Volvo Ocean race team.

Peter Burling also would be featured in this race. Blair might also pull off a sailing feat that would encompass three peats. Tuke has faced success when he was part of the team of the country which participated in America’s Cup recently. As a result he has now signed up for the event that is often described to be torrid and round the world. This year’s version of this race will begin in October and start from Spain.

Tuke would have familiar team members with him such as Peter Burling who usually poses as helmsman for the country’s team. He has lined up as well, but has not put in his commitment in writing. These are popular sailors of the nation and they were even present at the parade that was held in their honor when they participated in the America’s Cup, arranged in Wellington. Tuke has signed on with NZME which is an established team that participates in the race. Continue reading “Blair Tuke In Volvo Ocean Race”

First One Design Offshore Championship In California

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club has decided to host the inaugural One Design Offshore Championship from June 9th to 11th.

This event will be held at the Newport Beach in California. This event has been organized by the yacht club heeding to the demands made by the regional sailors for a competitive championship of offshore racing. This event has been organized just before the Long Beach Race Week that will be held from June 23 to 25.

There will be three classes taking part in the first annual One Design Offshore Championship and they are Pac52s, J70s, and J120s. The regatta chairman, Paul Stemler, said that the event was put together due to the efforts put in by the NHYC and the local sailors of the region. This is an opportunity for the one design classes to enjoy offshore sailing. Continue reading “First One Design Offshore Championship In California”

US Sailing Olympics Program

Preparations are paramount when it comes to sailing and one team that does not believe in taking it easy is the US Sailing team.

After the 2012 Olympic Games were concluded, the US Sailing team had started off its preparations for the 2016 version where Charlie McKee played a key role. Being a two time Olympic medalist of the country, he has played a pivotal role in helping to design the program for training the future team for the Olympics. Now that 2016 is behind us Charlie is now working with the quads who would be participating in Tokyo 2020. Hence, he is one person who can provide insight on how the country team prepares for this gigantic competition.

In general, he states that there are program changes initiated as per the changing rules and conditions that are inherent for every version of the Olympics. The performance of the last Olympics teams also matters which helps to identify the weaknesses and areas of improvement. Continue reading “US Sailing Olympics Program”

What Japan Has For Sailing?

The final and the ninth round of world series Louis Vuitton America’s Cup is going to take place in Fukuoka city of Japan.

All media, players and spectators have come to the place to watch this wonderful match. But, it is not like Japan is just holding this match. Instead, it has so much to give to sailing this year.

Firstly, Japan will hand over World Series Louis Vuitton America’s Cup to the overall winner of the game. The country has awarded this trophy two times before as well and this is the third time it is doing so.

Two points will be earned by a team who win this tournament. This point will be useful in a Qualifier round of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup. It is the opening round of America’s Cup that will help in Bermuda in 2017. In addition to the points, winning team will get attractive incentive too Continue reading “What Japan Has For Sailing?”