Blair Tuke In Volvo Ocean Race

Blair Tuke has signed on to be part of the team that would be participating from New Zealand in the Volvo Ocean race team.

Peter Burling also would be featured in this race. Blair might also pull off a sailing feat that would encompass three peats. Tuke has faced success when he was part of the team of the country which participated in America’s Cup recently. As a result he has now signed up for the event that is often described to be torrid and round the world. This year’s version of this race will begin in October and start from Spain.

Tuke would have familiar team members with him such as Peter Burling who usually poses as helmsman for the country’s team. He has lined up as well, but has not put in his commitment in writing. These are popular sailors of the nation and they were even present at the parade that was held in their honor when they participated in the America’s Cup, arranged in Wellington. Tuke has signed on with NZME which is an established team that participates in the race.

Tuke has conquered great challenges such as the Olympic gold as well as the America’s Cup and hence, he would be looking forward to chasing the race around the world campaign in sailing. He has been in hot demand since they had a triumphant win as Team New Zealand and gained victory over Oracle Team USA in this year’s version of the America’s Cup that was held in Bermuda.

The two sailors are yet to decide as to whether they will compete in the upcoming Olympics that would be their third participation, the one that would be held in Tokyo in 2020. As Burling stated, they liked to take their time as one campaign ended and not take hasty decisions immediately.