Burton And Stipanovic Rivalry

Tom Burton was in the news with his competitive sailing in the Laser category in Rio Olympics this year. There were certain differences that he had with Tonci Stipanovic in the Laser sailing category. Though he did secure the Olympic gold, he states that his rivalry with Tonci will continue next month in the Sailing World Cup finals that would be held in Melbourne.

There had been a heated match that had taken place between the two sailors in the world cup event that had occurred in France in 2015. Stipanovic was disqualified from the event for which the victory went to Burton, with Stipanovic losing a bet that saw him paying for a chartering in Greece.

There has been a squabble between the pair that also simmered when they were lining up to sail for the Olympics in Rio. They were also found to be dueling with each other for the gold position in the Olympics this year.

Burton was again on top in the competition and he made a move against his opposition that pushed off his opponent and forced him to become a cripple and make a penalty turn. This was definitely a stunning move by Burton which the Croatian sailor did not really foresee.

With such a history in their sailing races, it seems that fate is not over with them as yet as the two competitors will again be seen fighting it off at the Laser class category when the World cup finals come at the St Kilda beach. Burton states that the animosity that exists between the pair has reduced, but again, they cannot be termed as friends who hang out together. It is definitely difficult when the pair is in the same regatta races and hence, having a bit of a fall out is natural in these situations. However, Burton states that both of them have mutual respect for each other now which is healthy.