Sail America Appoints New Board of Directors

Sail America is the trade association of the sailing industry in the US. They have now added three new members to their board of directors for 2020. Adam Cove from Edson, Margaret Mitchell from Prestige Yachts or the Beneteau America, and Tim Finkle from RCR Yachts have been selected as the new members for the board of directors. The selection for the new members was done through the standard election process of the association. A committee for getting the nominations was made to submit the names of the candidate to the existing members of the association. They voted unanimously for the candidates. All the members of the board are given three years to serve the board.

Mark Pillsbury from the Cruising World Magazine was elected again as the Sail America’s President during the first meeting for the directors of the board. The same thing happened for Peter Trongdon as well for the executive committee. He was from Annapolis Boat Shows. Along with him, Josie Tucci representing The Moorings, Ted Winston from Spinlock, and Kevin Carlan from the Centre of Mastry Engine were also re-elected. Jim Abel was also elected again as the President earlier. He was from West Marine.
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WMRT Management Change Hands

The program World Match Racing Tour that was an initiative started by Aston Harald AB, a Swedish company, was sold to C Shine Financial Corporation, specifically to a group of investors who are behind this company. New owners have taken over managing the tour as well as the registered offices of this tour which are located in Bermuda and London.

WMRT is one of the many sport event purchases that this company has made which include Match Racing World Championship and Shenzhen Match Cup. Aston Harald AB talked about selling the tour by the time 2017 season ended and that is when negotiations started between the companies.
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Water Races At Copa Del Rey To Finish

Three teams are close to gaining the titles at Copa Del Rey as the final races come to a close on Saturday, 4th August 2018. Many premier classes have become close in this regatta. The highlights of this tour include the eleventh win that the Campos team has this time.

The skipper Pedro Campos, also known as Mr. Copa, is on the threshold of extending the record of gaining the 11th title of the Copa del Rey; he is set to win the division race of the 6 meter classic in Bribon; he has had a score line that is unblemished with seven firsts and seven starts. He commented that the team was pleased with the latest victory they had; they had won all the races which were something unique. This was for him a personal win for the eleventh time and six in a row was a record for this regatta event.
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