20 thoughts on “Episode #47 Sailboat Survey!”

  1. …..Did you know you were going to have all these problems? Did you inspect for these things? How long has it taken you to fix everything? I wouldn't have the guts to go through all this…God bless you two.

  2. and don't forget, that's the bottom…..thru hulls make perfect, top leaks will destroy anything worth saving! chain plate leaks to bulkheads can be fixed…if the deck is soft to many places… donate for target practice reef.

  3. Informative! Thank you! engine alignment easy fix, common sense .. which direction is the wear? tweak the motor mounts , and get a spare bearing, you will need eventually.

  4. You were lucky to have such a good surveyor that took the time to explain everything to you and to make  recommendations. The surveyor for my  boat only filled out a report but did not and would not explain anything. ( he was hired by the bank and the  insurance company ) so he felt that he did not have to explain himself to me.

  5. Make sure you have the keel bolts checked and tighten to spec, I did mine 4 years ago and one broke so I had them all replaced with stainless 316 (more Molly in the steel) rather than the 304 that existed at the time of these boats constrction (80's). Stainless 316 is far more corrosion resistant. You definitely do not want to experience loosing your keel. Depends where it happens can be deadly

  6. Keep good paint on the bottom (Petit Trinidad SR) and cosmetic blisters will not grow, mine didn't in 10 years at all. But you got to put paint every two years or so! Typical of gel coats of this vintage

  7. If you decide to go with a composting head, some through hulls can actually be eliminated, saving the expense of buying new ones. The less holes in the boat, the better!

  8. Great video, a very thoughror survey thus far. The guy knows his stuff, I don't know that a sandblasting is necessary to fix the hull however. Just a bit more attention and grinding on her next haulout. She has a nice shape to her hull. Looking forward to next episode.

  9. Very good survey so far, he has pointed out quite a few items you need to address. Nice that he let you film the process. 🙂

  10. Is it the sellers, or buyers responsibility to bring the boat unto the hard for the survey?

  11. Great video! I loved the music to start it off. Great topic for people to see the process. A good survey will save you money and I like to think that this is your last opportunity to get someone to fix your boat for free! Cheers and good luck. -Robb

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