8 thoughts on “Journey Out of Alaska-The Alaskan Marine Highway-10/8/13- Part 1”

  1. a tent on a ferry ? …. in Europe it's forbiden for security reason ….. but i like this " accomodation " unasual !:)

  2. Lots of beautiful scenery out there but it seems really dreary , dark and rainy out there.

  3. My thoughts as well Chris, why no berth? Take care you two. And as bugout Gary would say..be safe! 😉

  4. For being a "Part1" video you did an awful job of describing your situation. I've never heard of pitching a tent on a ship. It looked like you were the only one. Why didn't you tell us why you're not sleeping in Zep? Why don't you catch some zees inside that warm cabin where you were talking to G? Don't mean to nit-pick, but it's more interesting when you can follow along. I apologize if "Part2" answers all these questions.

  5. Chris, Why did you and G. not get a berth? It is always a must do if your doing a overnight on a ship or train. If you travel alone, hard core sleeping in a chair is cool, but the ladies become very bitchy after a couple of nights of a no berth sleeping gig. I just hope G. does not talk to any ladies that have a berth. A BERTH LADY IS A HAPPY LADY. Maybe G. is mild tempered hahaha Sorry for laughing.

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