18 thoughts on “SAILING into the GREAT BLUE HOLE!! – BELIZE – Episode 53”

  1. Many dogs have been snatched off the beach by big cats, you dont hear about it much because it happens so quickly they never know what happened. Beaches on the mainland, in unpopulated areas should not be trusted with loose dogs, also, salt water crocs love swimming dogs! Plenty of video of those crocs on Sailing into freedoms channel!

  2. If you see a shark, stay vertical. They don't recognize your shape as any food source if you stay vertical, move slowly, and slow your heart rate. Heard that from a tourist guide at a shark diving expedition place on another sailing vid.

  3. Did you ever resew your spinnaker sail? Also found you all thru Capt. Rick on SSL.

  4. Good day. Captain Rick Moore from SV Sophisticated Lady sent me here and I just got through watching everyone of your videos. I must say that you had me hooked when you rescued the little puppy, it doesn't hurt one bit that your content and style is too notch also. Happy to say I'm a new subscriber.

  5. Hey Guys! Loving the channel! Keep up the great work! Do you have an application process posted somewhere?

  6. You are bringing back memories for me 🙂 Enjoyed watching this episode! -Rebecca on SV Brick House

  7. Capt Rick highlights Parlay, how awesome, great collaboration!!!! I’ve been watching Parley for over a year now…. so inspirational!!! Keep up the good work Colin, this was one of your top 5 videos!

  8. I first saw you on the episode with Captain Rick which I watched yesterday. I went back to the beginning of your dream and just finished this episode. What a gift…you have touched my heart Colin…thank you. Looking forward to your next. I know I can see you in real time but I think I'll continue with you here. Again, thank you ❤

  9. I love this! I am so glad you guys are on the water headed for Belize. I consider Belize my second home, and visit often! I own some oceanfront in Punta Gorda, or real Belize as I like to call it. A friend of mine moors his boat right off my property on Orange Point.. a boat he built himself! I have lots of friends down there, so if I can pull a string for you, let me know!

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