8 thoughts on “TRRS #0623 – HF Marine Radio Listening”

  1. QUESTION : HAMRAD – was this recorded with a Cell Phone ????? need to know – reply back, thanks  🙂

  2. That is our WX broadcast on ITU channel 607 from WLO in Mobile, AL.  The 6518KHz (actual frequency is 6519kHz) is the shore station transmit frequency and the 6218kHz frequency is the ship transmit frequency.  Our website shipcom.com has a complete list of our frequencies and broadcast times.    Leigh Weaver, KC4MZT, Sr. Radio/Telephone Operator at WLO Mobile, AL.Great catch…..and thanks for sharing.

  3. 8764 USB is the VOBRA Broadcast out of USCG COMMSTA Portsmouth or CAMSLANT.  Want the full, current broadcast schedule for all LANTAREA USCG COMMSTA's?  Interesting at minute 4:10, they discussed our policy on GMDSS/DSC test calls.  NMN Runs 4KW usually into a TCI-530 Omni Directional antenna from the NMN transmitter site in Pungo (Virginia Beach, VA).

  4. +hamrad88 Tom have you ever thought about doing a live google hang out here
    on YT with OfficialSWLchannel? Thanks

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