US Sailing Olympics Program

Preparations are paramount when it comes to sailing and one team that does not believe in taking it easy is the US Sailing team.

After the 2012 Olympic Games were concluded, the US Sailing team had started off its preparations for the 2016 version where Charlie McKee played a key role. Being a two time Olympic medalist of the country, he has played a pivotal role in helping to design the program for training the future team for the Olympics. Now that 2016 is behind us Charlie is now working with the quads who would be participating in Tokyo 2020. Hence, he is one person who can provide insight on how the country team prepares for this gigantic competition.

In general, he states that there are program changes initiated as per the changing rules and conditions that are inherent for every version of the Olympics. The performance of the last Olympics teams also matters which helps to identify the weaknesses and areas of improvement.

In general the program that works for US sailing team is committed to train sailors who are young and have shown considerable promise in different international regatta events. The plan in general is to create a program that is sustainable and can help to push performance to higher levels. The initial aim of the program was to get younger sailors prepared to take on the Olympics, which was not a trend seen before. However, this time it is working and hence, the program needs to focus on helping to focus such young talent to remaining committed to a certain level of training and discipline.

There is a specific recruitment program in place that is not divulged to the public. However, there has been an improvement in attracting young talent to the program which was absent before. Now there is renewed focus and attention to sailing and promises of talent in this sport as has been showcased by results in different regatta events and the Olympics as well.